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Business Consutancy


The professionals involved in the corporation have been working in a wide range of sectors, from tourism development, agriculture until renewable energy. Some of the specialists have conducted research in the field of climate change and consequently the mitigation and adaptation actions to face it. The investigations carried out by the group have included market studies, technology impact, public policies, Public-Private Partnership, funding sources, etc. In the last five years a series of results have been exposed, including the submissions for The Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean.


The new law for foreign investment in Cuba, release by the Government in 2014, exposes the investment incentives to attract foreign capital to the Island. In the same 2014, the investment portfolio was launched, however, new projects will be studied and approved in case of proving its convenience and profitability. Negotiating with the Cuban authorities can be, frequently, a slow and complex process. Besides the laws, regulations and amendments, intern policies and measures should be known and granted for succeed.

CALC's Consultants will be in charge of:
To ease the relationships with the Cuban counterparts.
To base all the factors that make a business viable or not in the Cuban current context.
To study the market.
To make feasibility and viability studies, including 4 stages: Concept and Design, Opportunity Study, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility and Viability
To develop architectural and engineering projects (from concept ideas to executive projects). To do technical, economic and financial assessment.
To assure the right contacts in Cuba in order to reduce the number of travels to the Island.
To do the documents check list necessary to guarantee the approval of the investment.


Bearing in mind the development of the private in the Cuban economy sector we have create this section. Our consultancy consists on design and performance all the required stages to get you stablished as a new business owner, whether using your own ideas or ours. The job we develop includes: the definition of the business model, market study, activities organization, investment policy proposal, definition of economic and financial assets and the design and accomplishment of holistic management systems.


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